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  • Club House to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach
    Rs. 600 /- Per Person
    Distance : 09 Kms

  • Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach
    Rs. 600 /- Per Person
    Distance : 09 Kms

  • Shivpuri to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach
    Rs. 1000 /- Per Person
    Distance : 15 Kms

  • Marine Drive to Shivpuri
    Rs. 600 /- Per Person
    Distance : 10 Kms

  • Marine Drive to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach
    Rs. 1500 /- Per Person
    Distance : 25 Kms

  • Kaudiyala to Shivpuri
    Rs. 1500 /- Per Person
    Distance : 20 Kms

  • Kaudiyala to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach Rs. 2500 /- Per Person
    Distance : 35 Kms

  • Kaudiyala to NIM Beach

    Cost @ 3200/- Per Person
    Distance : 34 Kms
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  • “Most professional & friendly Crew !!” We ( two friends) went with River & Rock Adventure for our water rafting experience in Rishikesh and I believe we got more than what we expected. This was my first time water rafting experience and it was awesome. Team looked professionally trained and they took all safety measurements to ensure that we enjoy our ride.

    Mr. Rahul Kumar Click Here

  • “Awsome trip” Superb experience of the river rafting and camping. The speeds were really good on the Ganges and the team of experts took good care. The jungle walk in night was great.

    Mr. Baba Badoni Click Here

  • “Holiday of your dreams”I can not find the right words to express how perfectly organised and open hearted team Paddle India is. LOVE WHAT YOU DO, DO WHAT YOU LOVE is the message of their work to me. Thank you for everything, I hope I will come back soon.

    Mr. Rocco Click Here

  • “Full of Fun”It was good stay at this place. But bathrooms were not upto the mark. Coperative staff, nice food, good scenery.

    Mr. Shubham Dobhal Click Here

  • “Safe, friendly, and real” Everyone is genuine. They are safe and knowledgeable on the river. The office so so helpful. These guys are a gem among a lot of questionable adventure company's.

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  • Holi Celebration at Rishikesh 2018

  • Opening Dates of Chardham Yatra for 2018

  • Yamunotri Temple - 18 April (Tentative)

  • Gangotri Temple - 18 April (Tentative)

  • Kedarnath Temple - 29 April

  • Badrinath Temple - 30 April

  • Auden's Col Trek

    Auden's Col is a less frequent trekking route in this region of the Himalaya compared to the Khatling Glacier and Gangotri Trek. Auden's Col is a mountain pass situated in the central Garhwal region. It connects the mountain peaks Jogin I (6465m) and Gangotri III (6580m) and is at a height of around 5242m. Auden's Col binds two glaciers on either sides - Khatling glacier on the south and Jogin Bhamak on the north. A little distance lower to Jogin Bhamak is the Gangotri III glacial system. Auden's Col is approachable from Gangotri and one can trek up to Kedarnath following Auden's Col and Khatling glacier. Auden's Col gets its name from J B Auden, a famous British geologist. He first explored the region in the year of 1939.

    Day 01

    • Rishikesh to Uttarakashi: 07 Hrs
      The day starts with a drive to Uttarakashi which takes through mountain road of garhwal. It is a spectacular drive which views Bhagirathi valley. Bhagirathi river is dammed at Tehri and it forms a reservoir of 22km behind the dam. It takes us 6-7 hours to reach Uttarakashi. Uttarakashi is a big town of this valley which supplies essential stuff to the villagers of nearby areas. This place can be very busy during May and June as it is the main hault place on the way to Gangotri, one of the major pilgrimage. We drive little off the main route to Gangotri and arrive at beautiful and peaceful place called Monal guest house where we stay for an over night. After arrival, we check in to our room and the rest of the day is spent in exploring the surrounding. Over night at Monal Guest house.

    Day 02

    Drive to Gangotri: 04 Hrs
    After breakfast, we start our drive to Gangotri. It will take us about 4 hours to get to Gangotri. We check into our lodge for an over night stay. In the evening visit the famous temple of river Ganga. Gangotri is one of the major pilgrimages for Hindus.



    Day 03

    • Gangotri- Nala Camp: 06 Hrs
      By walk along the Rudugaira Ganga. Initially the trail climbs steeply in the jungle and then crosses the river over a log bridge. Move with the river on your left. Cross a big waterfall coming from your right and camp at a suitable place. Watch out for stone fall by sheep's and keep watch of your stuff from Gaddi's. Stay in tents.



    Day 04

    • Nala Camp-Rudugaira BC: 06 Hrs
      By walk with steep climb of 200 m followed by gradually climbing trail which is again followed by another 300 m steep climb. The climb for the day is over. Move ahead to the camping site seen opposite and camp. Stay in tents.


    Day 05

    • Day for acclimatization: We take this gently and go for the height gain in the morning for acclimatization for the pass. Rest of the day is to relax. Overnight stay in Tents.


    Day 06

    • Rudugaira BC- Col BC: 06 Hrs
      By walk. Cross the nala coming from right and then start moving towards Patangini dhar direction. You have to cross a couple of streams coming from right. No bridges. On crossing a high ridge you see a open space with sand. Get down there, but don't camp. Keep moving towards the gully along the main glacier and you will reach a camp site. Fresh water may be available nearby. If possible camp as near to the Pass as possible. Stay in tents.


    Day 07

    • Col BC- Khatling Glacier Camp: 06 Hrs
      By walk. Now one has to move over snow and Ice so be careful. Look for crevasses and walk roped up for safety. Reach the col, keeping to your right. Top has sufficient space. Move to cols left and you can see the steep gully going down to the glacier. A crevasse runs along the base and so be careful. Fix rope for safety. Once on the glacier walk with care as the glacier is massive here. Move forward keeping in mind that you have to be near the left side of the glacier. Right is too bad, so you can't move on that side. Camp at a suitable place. Stay in tents.


    Day 08

    • Khatling Glacier Camp- Waterfall Camp: 07 Hrs
      By walk Keep moving along the glacier keeping watch for the crevasses and reach the moraine. By afternoon you will reach the place where there is ice on the right with steep fall and there is a waterfall visible on the left side. Move towards the waterfall and camp just before it next to a water source. Stay in tents.

    Day 09

    • Waterfall Camp- Chowki: 07 Hrs
      The walk today involves moving along the trail behind the first waterfall and then negotiating the broken slanting rock with all the care they deserve. Fix a rope. Thereafter cross the second waterfall also with care using a rope. Move on to the glacier and start moving down and also moving to the right of the glacier. Crossover to the other side before water starts from the glacier. Move down with the intention of reaching the trail next to the river. Keep moving and cross the huge boulder section. In the distance you will site a raised green section. Aim for that and camp at the further end near to the water. Stay in tents.

    Day 10

    • Chowki- Kharsoli: 07 Hrs
      By walk. Move slowly as in the initial stage the trail may not be that clear. Thereafter you are on a good enough trail and keep moving with the river flowing on your left. The trail moves into deep jungle and finally you reach a big stream coming from your right. Cross it over a log bridge and you sight a small temple. Camp here for the day. Stay in tents.


    Day 11

    • Kharsoli –Gangi: 07 Hrs
      By walk. The trail is well marked and there is no problem following it. At one place the wider trail moves up. Follow it and moving along it in dense jungle for 45 minutes takes one to Kalyani, from where you get good views of the kush kalyani bugyal. Rest a while and then take the trail moving towards the left (where the river flows) and you are on the right trail. Moving along it pass the village of --- and by evening you will be at the village of Gangi. Stay in Tents.


    Day 12

    • Gangi- Ghuttu: 07 Hrs
      By walk. The trail is a good one. The village of Reeh is visible from high up the trail and before it is the GMVN's TRH where you can have breakfast/ lunch as the case may be. One does not have to go to the village and can reach the main trail from the TRH itself. By late afternoon you reach Ghuttu. Stay at GMVN TRH just outside the village.


    Day 13

    • Ghuttu –Rishikesh: 06 Hrs
      Drive from from Ghuttu to Rishikesh via Ghansali. Stay in Hotel.